ReviewAffi is a Win-Win situation for everyone. We collect product reviews and service reviews from a variety of visitors, and authors. You too can submit a review on a product or service you have experienced.

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You bought something and wrote a review on the product, did get any financial benefit from that review?

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Honest Reviews

To keep the Product Review Authors honest, we encourage visitors to provide your user review on the product or service. After a while, the truth always comes out and consumer(s) have a fair indication on the product or service(s) being reviewed. After all, isn’t it nice to have a little insight before making a purchase…

Our product review authors provide quality and in-depth reviews on products and services to help you make sound a buying decision, in turn, if you purchase through the link they provide, they earn a small commission for their research, description and observations provided on the product. (Does that sound like something you can do?)

We’re not going to lie to you, our authors normally earn a commission when and if you buy a product through the product links they provide. But if you are buying products, why are you not writing product reviews to earn an affiliate commission? We can show you how!

Eventually everyone wins.

  • Visitors get a some insight before making a purchase and the opportunity to read product reviews.
  • The Authors get a small commission if you buy using the product link they provide, which keeps them wanting to provide great in-depth reviews. (and they work hard, it’s a job)
  • ReviewAffi as the website owner does have some advertising on the website to cover our hosting and development cost (it’s not cheap to maintain a website).

We thank you for visiting, and hope you use the links provided by the authors so they can keep providing quality reviews on products and services.

Interested in becoming an Author for ReviewAffi?

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Are you an avid buyer, constantly buying all kinds of things? Maybe you are an at-home mom who does all the buying at home and want to make a little side cash.

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