What is affiliate marketing? It’s extremely simple, it’s the marketing of a product or service that you might not own in order to sell the product and make a commission for the sale.

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At ReviewAffi we want to provide the best quality reviews and information so visitors can make an informed purchase on products or services. Submit a Review, yes you can link your Affiliate Marketing links.

How to find affiliate programs

How do you find products and service that will allow you to earn a commission is not that difficult either. Many companies and websites will have affiliate programs for you to sign up, and start marketing. Did you recently buy a product from online, almost everyone has. If you followed a link from a website or social network, you most likely earned someone an affiliate commission.

Affiliate Programs

For example: Amazon, Wal-Mart, Shopify, Ebay, and the list goes on and on. Almost anything you can purchase on the internet today will have an affiliate program associated with them.

Once you sign-up as an affiliate, you can generate a link to the product you want to market and start promoting the item. You can do this on social network websites, blogs and obviously on ReviewAffi.

Affiliate Marketing on ReviewAffi

Because some affiliate programs will require you to have access to modify the content of the ad you create or have author controls, at ReviewAffi we can grant you limited author controls to the back-end of our website so that you create and modify the reviews or blogs you post. This will satisfy the controls you require to be able to market your affiliate campaigns.

We are not saying we are the best place to market your affiliate products or links. But we provide you with another benefit to add or increase your click-throughs to your affiliate campaign.

Win-Win situation for your Affiliate Campaign

Creating a situation where everyone wins is the ultimate goal. We have found that providing a prospective customer with a quality product review containing information on the product they are about to buy, more likely to complete the purchase.

Win Win with Affiliate Marketing

Don’t you want to know about a product you are about to buy? Most people today take advantage of review websites to learn about the products and service they are interested in buying. They want to hear about the product, how it works, it Pros and Cons, and even reviews from others who have purchased the products and what they thought about the product.

Creating a well written and documented product review will help customer make an informed buying decision. It also earns you a commission from your affiliate marketing campaign.

Obviously we recommend you share your affiliate link with your friends on social media accounts. We do the same, we share links on our social media accounts. We also send to our mail list every day.

What we recommend

We recommend you create a well crafted and edited video about the product or service with some factual information. Then write some information, basically a blog, about the product or service.

Post the video on YouTube. YouTube is the #2 website in all the world. It’s great exposure for your video review where you can get click throughs to your affiliate marketing campaign, but also earn some adsense revenue from the views.

Next, create a review or blog on ReviewAffi and embed the video. This will give you free exposure to your affiliate marketing link and video. On occasion we will edit your post to help boost the SEO, search engine traffic.

Unfortunately we can’t just allow everyone to post reviews or blogs. We need to know you have an idea of what you are doing and can provide quality information for our visitors. But we definitely want the every day person to participate, and earn commissions through affiliate marketing.