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You don’t have to be a professional to join us as a Product Review Author, we want the everyday person who can write an honest and real review on products and services. You can be a Stay-At-Home mom, Celebrity Marketer, or Social Media Influencer.

As an author for our review website you will have control over the content you submit, which means you can edit and remove content at any time. We even allow authors to include their affiliate program link(s) into the submitted product review or blog to monetize their content.

The most important aspect of the product review you submit is truthfulness. Your review must provide real value, and be honest. If there was something you liked, say it, if there was something you did not like, then say it!

By submitting this form, we do not automatically add your content, not will you automatically become an author for our website. After evaluation, and approval, you will have access to the back-end of our website. But first we need some information from you and we need to know that you will provide quality content that will benefit site visitors.

Please provide us some information on your review, such as a Youtube link to video (not needed), your personal website or blog, and a little information about your intent and what type of reviews you would like to focus on.

Please allow us 24-48 hours to respond, at which time we will need further information.

At ReviewAffi we want everyone to be able to benefit from providing a quality, honest, and truthful product or service review. Whether you are a Stay-At-Home mom or Celebrity Marketer, we want you to be able to market and benefit from providing product review which include an affiliate link to the product or service you have used, or thoroughly examined. Just please understand that quality content and well written information is important to search engine, our website, and most importantly the Visitors.

Please understand that our website template will have other advertising and affiliate links on the same pages you create your product review.

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We thank you for your support. ReviewAffi does not accept payment for reviews. At no extra cost to you, Reviewaffi and/or the product review author might receive a commission if you purchase through the link(s) provided. Customer reviews, good, bad or indifferent are from site visitors. Availabilty on Deals of the day, Daily Deals, expire quickly and are quantity and time limited.