Ever gone furniture shopping for days until you found that piece you liked, and fit your budget? Then once you are about to check-out the salesperson wants to up-sell and increase their commission by introducing a furniture warranty? Well this happened at City Furniture with their in Home Service Program – Furniture protection plan.

We all know these service programs or protection plan are just a way for the salesperson to increase their commission, but ofcourse they sell it and make it sounds so beautiful and perfect. They always say that everything is covered, and not to worry.

This is exactly what happened to my son. He purchased a bed set at City Furniture, and added their in Home Service Program. Good thing he did, two years later as he was rolling out of bed the side wooden bedrails cracked, the bed fell sideways, and boy did he have a wake up. When the bedrails cracked, they also ripped the screws from the headset.

We called the City Furniture in Home Service Program as the representative asked us to send some pictures. Shortly after we are on the way to City furniture to pick up a new bedset, completely covered under their warranty.

Yes, normally I would say that buying an extended warranty is just an upsell from the salesperson, but on this case, the $69 paid for this protection plan was well worth it.

What I will say is that their customer service representatives could have a better attitude over the phone… My wife is the one who called in, and she was very professional. I easily see how the guy on the phone (Kenneth) was just looking for a reason to say they would not cover anything and hang up; he definitely was not customer service oriented. But my wife did maintain her composure and managed to express her point on how the bedrails were a manufacturer defect and broke due to being nothing other than pressed wood. Back to that old saying, you get what you pay for…


Price was cheap and it was only the side rail that broke.

Reliability of Furniture

Price of Furniture

Considering the price of $69, and replacement value of furniture was $699

Price or Warranty

That guy on the phone could have been alot better.

Customer Service

I did find a value in the City Furniture in Home Service Program – Protection Plan (I had to use it)


We have no affiliation with City Furniture and get no benefit from his review, just wanted to share my experience.

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