Let’s talk about these full face snorkeling mask. A review of the Greatever full face snorkeling mask i got for my wife and I.

My wife is not the best swimmer, and I love the water. When we go to the beach or take a little trip to the Florida Keys, I love to swim and want my wife to join me. The problem was that she did not feel comfortable swimming and hated regular snorkeling mask and snorkel. I tried several different masks, until I got this full face snorkeling mask.

Ok, I still have to load the wife with a 3mm swim suit and a life vest. But now we had a great time swimming. I sometimes like to beard, and this Greatever mask still seals, prevent water penetration and I don’t have that snorkel annoying me.

Tried it to about 25 feet, and still great. Because you are able to breathe through your mouth or nose, it is very comfortable and easy to blow out on surface.
For snorkeling it’s great. The only problem I found was that when on the surface, you can’t just pull out the snorkel to talk. But, I did notice that you can speak under water and if your partner is close enough, they can hear you…

Features of the Greatever Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Good Air Flow

Greatever snorkel mask allows you to breathe normally underwater. You can freely and calmly breathe through your nose or mouth, it is suitable for customers to experience good air flow and amazing sea world.

Awesome 180° Panoramic View

Compared to the traditional snorkel masks, Greatever anti fog mask has been refined for maximum visual clarity. By removing distortion, you can avoid dizziness as well, this makes you have awesome snorkeling experience.

Excellent sealing and adjustment

Pull the straps of the mask over your head and check whether the mask sits fittingly on your face. Breathe normally to check for any leaks in the mask: if you feel slight pressure change when you breathe, then it is sealed very good, otherwise please kindly adjust the mask strap size and try it again.

Support Camera Mount

Equipped with an underwater camera stand that can be removed or used by hand, our greatever snorkel mask with the use of high-quality PU resin makes it difficult to age and maintains high definition for a long time.You can freely enjoy the underwater scenery with using the camera mount.


Greatever snorkel mask is comfortable, waterproof and airtight. If water gets into the mask, simply raise your head to allow the water to drain through the chin valve.


Greatever snorkel mask is equipped with separate air-flow channels to prevent fogging, allowing you to stay underwater comfortably as long as you want!

Here is my own little video in the Florida Keys with a full face snorkeling mask. The full face mask in the video actually broke. The snorkel cracked in the storage bag, and after this video is when I purchased the Greatever snorkeling mask.

Overview of the Greatever Full Face Snorkeling Mask Review

Maybe other full face snorkeling masks work on the same principle, but I loved this snorkeling mask. More important it helped my wife enjoy her snorkeling adventure with me. The mask did not fog up, it was easy to breath and even talk under water. My short beard did not cause water to leak in.

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