Quipall makes Dual Fuel Portable Generator in a variety of sizes which run on gasoline or liquid propane for versatility. Here we are not reviewing any particular sized generator, but an overall review of the Quipall dual fuel portable generator series.

The Quipall brans seems to be a relatively new brand and seem to have a very competitive brand. Because we have not obtained one of these dual fuel portable generators, we don’t have much information and would appreciate you Quipall generator review below.

Quipall Generator review dual fuel gas or propane
Dual Fuel – Uses Gas or Propane
Power it up with either gasoline or liquid propane for added versatility.

Versatile Generator
It’s ready to go to work, wherever and whenever you need it – as home back-up power for key appliances, on the jobsite, or to add comfort at your campsite.

Easy to Use
The easy-to-use control panel has plenty of outlets: four 120V, one 30A RV receptacle and 12V DC terminals to charge automotive batteries.

Portable Generator
Roll the generator to where you need power. An integrated pull handle and “no-flat” solid wheels make it highly portable and easy to store.

Quipall Dual Fuel Portable Generator Quick Start Guide

Quipall DD2200i Portable Inverter Generator Quick Start Guide

There were no real video reviews of these Quipall Dual Fuel Portable Generator to include in here. Quipall, you are welcome to contact us and send us a generator for a complete review.

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