SOLARIMON is a Solar Contractor in South Florida which offers proprietary “Self-Cleaning” Solar Panels (No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses).

This self cleaning technology seems very interesting as it does not touch the panels and no chemicals are used. It’s so simple, but yet seems effective.

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Their Mission:

The Future Of Energy
Our planet needs our help. For residents of the “sunshine state,” using the sun to make sustainable energy for your home rather than consuming FPL’s dirty fossil fuels is an easy way to go green and show that you care about the environment. It’s a great way to build equity, too, because solar arrays are a fantastic investment.

Solarimon’s mission is to help 50% of Florida’s homes be entirely powered by solar energy by 2025.
Save the earth. Save money. Increase the value of your home.
At no cost to you and with no out-of-pocket expenses.
It’s a simple Win-Win-Win

SOLARIMON offers – Free solar assessment

Every solar installation project begins with an on-site assessment of your home and your energy needs. During your assessment, one of our engineers will measure the size of your roof and use a tool called a “Solar Pathfinder” to help calculate how much sunlight your panels will be able to capture given the orientation of your home and the surrounding tree coverage.

We then calculate your home’s solar potential and your current energy needs and recommend the best system for your family

Build Equity

Your monthly payments typically cover the cost of your solar panels in 8-10 years, but the panels are warrantied for 25, making them a valuable asset. We provide financing with Florida’s leading solar panel finance company which offers a full range of options for our customers.

We guarantee your monthly payment will be the same or less than your current utility bill, and the money you spend builds equity for your family.

SOLARIMON will Obtain Local Government Permits

Solarimon is dedicated to making the solar installation process as turnkey as possible. Once you approve your solar installation plans, you don’t have to do a thing. We will get all of the necessary permits and submit them to the city or county for approval. We can also provide plans to your Homeowner’s Association, if required.

Depending on where you live, this step typically takes 6-12 weeks.

SOLARIMON install the Solar Panels

The day is here! Once your project is approved we will schedule the installation at your convenience. Our professional installers can usually complete the work in a single day.

Our systems have no moving parts or maintenance requirements, so once they are installed you are good to go. If your energy needs change (you finally get that electric car!), you can add additional panels at any time.

Enjoy Watching Your Money Grow

Download the Solarimon App to watch your new solar array in action. Our app provides real-time data about the output of your panels and your energy use. Any surplus energy goes back to the grid and is provided back to you when needed by FPL at no cost.


For homeowners, solar panels are a great investment. They
allow you to replace your monthly utility bill with a
valuable asset that reduces your costs and increases your
home’s resale value.

Between the government incentives and low cost fixed
monthly financing, we guarantee you’ll save money while
doing something good for the earth. Be the talk of the
neighborhood with a custom solar system – with no up
front costs. Plus, we do all the work from start to finish,
you can sit back, relax and save.


For business owners, solar installations provide great ROI. They reduce overhead, provide a valuable asset for the company, and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability that customers appreciate. Solarimon provides the highest quality solar installations with no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses. We replace your utility bill with fixed monthly payments designed to save you money. Between the tax deductions and quick amortization in less than 5 years, your utility bill will be eliminated entirely or reduced to almost nothing. Adding solar panels just makes sense. We do 100% of the work and you reap the rewards.


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