You know when you just feel like you are straining a bit to see things cause it feels dim inside your RV or motorhome? I did, until I bought these 12V Super Bright 921 LED Bulbs for my RV. I had other 12v LED lights, but for some reason they just didn’t feel like enough. I would have to turn on several lights just to feel like there was light inside the motorhome. Not to mention my wife likes plenty of light…

So we bought these LED bulbs and it’s just another level of bright. They don’t give that blueish light, which is what you generally think when you see a light bulb described as “super bright”. These are 3.8 Watts, 684 lumens, 6000K-6500K super white color temperature without the ugly blue/purple tint.

All the sudden my wife is turning on less lights, and it just feels brighter inside the RV.

We didn’t have any TV signal interference before with the previous LED bulbs, but have heard others complain. We have an LG LED Smart TV with HDTV antenna and Internet Apps, and we have not had any interference at all.

We purchase these Super Bright 921 12v LED Bulbs for RV, or Motorhome on Amazon, but there are also some similar ones on Ebay.

Here is the product description for these 12V Super Bright 921 LED Bulbs for RV:

Color: Super White (6000-6500K Color Temperature)

  • 921 LED Bulb, USE for ceiling dome light (single or double). 12V DC only.
  • 3.8 Watts, 684 lumens. Ultra bright, don’t look directly at the lights to protect your eyes.
  • 2020 Upgrade, NO Flickering, NO Buzzing and NO Radio or TV Interference.
  • 6000K-6500K super white color temperature without the ugly blue/purple tint.
  • Safe, eco-friendly, No UV or IR radiation and longer lifespan, (1 Year hassle free warranty and satisfaction guaranteed! Or your money back)

Technical Details for these 12V LED Bulbs for RV

Brand GRB
Item Weight 6.4 ounces
Package Dimensions 10.2 x 7.2 x 0.2 inches
Item model number 13
Manufacturer Part Number 20Pack-921-White
Bulb Type LED
Voltage 12 volts
Base 921 T10 194 168
Lumens 684LM, 40-Watt halogen equivalent
Total Length 1.97 in.
Length of Body 1.58 in.
Width of Body 1.2 in.
Height of Body 0.2 in.

This is Performance 921 LED bulbs, Low power consumption measured at 3.8 Watts producing 684 lumens, equivalent to A typical 40 watt halogen bulb, Simply switching over to the LED’s can cut your electricity usage down to 1/10th and increase that trip into the woods comfortably by over ten hours.

Halogen bulbs get hot but LED bulbs don’t. Those hot bulb discolor plastic lenses and if you have children on board, knowing that they cannot burn themselves on the lights is reassuring.

One bulb has 38 individual LED chipsets for better overall light emission and reduced hot spots. Direct replacement for 912, 921, 922 halogen bulbs or LED bulbs. the LED bulbs are greener! Having longer lifespans means less trash to throw away and using less electricity makes everyone happier.

Boondock Longer By Switching to RV LED Light Bulbs, this is right for you.

Question and Answers on these 12V LED Bulbs for RV and Motorhomes:

Question: What socket does it use?
Answer: Base socket: T10 921 922 912 194 168

Question: Will these work on all Motorhomes?
Answer: These LEDs are on a small paddle-shaped circuit board that slides into the socket like the bulb. Note that the LEDs are only on one side of the board, so the light will only project in one direction. In typical RV use, the light fixture projects light in only one direction anyway. These are 2-3 times wider than the regular 921 bulbs, same base just much brighter.

Question: Can these replace 918 bulb?
Answer: Yes, I replaced all light bulbs in my RV there were 921 and 906 bulbs. If 918 bulbs have the same size base, it should work fine These LEDs were much brighter and had significantly less current draw than the incandescent lights.

Question: Are these LED Bulbs easy to install?
Answer: Yes, just remove and replace with the other bulbs. Some of the old bulbs were a little tight and more difficult to remove, and some of these went in a bit snug, but overall very easy to replace, and they really make a difference.

Please leave your Review of the Super Bright 921 LED Bulbs for RV, Camper or 12V Indoor Lights in the comments section below.