As a woman we know that choosing a gynecologist is a thing of and and you have to feel comfortable. This applies to the staff as well as the Gynecologist who sees you. Unfortunately this incident with Quality Gynecologist and Karen M. Bosia (1741 NW 123rd Ave, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026) made me feel so uncomfortable that I just had to write a review and share.

I scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Karen M. Bosia of Quality Gynecology for Monday at 2:20 Pm. I arrived early at 1:53 (I remember because it was on the sign in sheet), and the receptionist did not call me until 2:47.

There was one lady in front of me that got called in and no one was after me. It wasn’t until 2:47 that I was called up to the window where Patrice (rude receptionist) told me that my husband couldn’t be on his cell phone; he had literally just taken a business call. Meanwhile the last 53 minutes, we had to listen to her and other loud mouths talking, laughing, about being a spy on customers. MORE IMPORTANTLY, the window was open for us to hear her conversations with patients on the phone. Complete Lack of privacy. Needless to say I told my husband to take the call outside. Next, She is now just noticing that I changed my address even though I checked on the Check in sheet that I have moved. But that wasn’t priority I guess like talking loud and being obnoxious while having the audacity to tell my husband no phone?! Kettle calling the pot black are we?

The cherry on top of the cake— I’m now told that my payment must be made in cash (instead of debit card) because I didn’t have insurance. To which I was not told over the phone, and even if she did her job properly and did tell me, why Am I just hearing about this now practically an hour later while there are no other patients? Only to be told I can reschedule! Is that a joke? I then ask to speak with her manager or my then doctor Karen, and without visibly seeing her I can hear her country accent say that has nothing to do with her. Perhaps not, but loosing me as a patient does, and this reviews that other people will see does.

Another lady came to chime in, trying to talk over me, and I’m saying how can you give me an answer without hearing your customer out? Does customer service mean nothing to you? Does professionalism ring a bell at all? What about when you first got hired and was on your toes? what about the customer is always right. Or better yet doctor Karen coming out to say my apologies for the inconvenience this is just our policy.

Quality Gynecology in Pembroke Pines, Karen M. Bosia Poor Service

Boils down to on my experience with Quality Gynecology in Pembroke Pines and Karen M. Bosia.
Had an appointment and still waited 53 minutes
Very loud obnoxious conversations from workers
Lack of privacy
Rude to demand NO talking on phone (hypocrite)
No change of address done
Just now telling me we don’t take cards. Care to reschedule?! As if my time had no value.
By the way, if read this long, Patrice was always rude the last couple of years I’ve been going. I even just moved further out, But it was Karen that I came back to see as I felt comfortable with her. Unfortunately, never again. I rather pay more and be treated kindly and promptly. Another by the way, $190 for my visit. I’m sure I can find better. Hopefully a lesson learned.
I just did not feel that after this run in and incident, I could trust anyone at that office with their attitudes and talking to customer while other could hear.
Quality Gynecology Karen M. Bosia should have come to talk to me when I asked for her since she was right there. She could have explained the no debit card and cash only process, and I might have had a more comfortable feeling about this, but unfortunately Karen M. Bosia chose to just tell her staff that it was not something she would deal with, leaving me with no trust in her.
Thanks for reading my review of Quality Gynecology and Karen M. Bosia.