We are working on getting together a guide for the best solar panel system and how to install that solar system for RV and Motorhomes. And we would love your help and feedback. Here we have a few videos on RV solar installation. We encourage healthy conversations, suggestions, feedback, tips and tricks, in the comments section below.

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After doing some research into solar panels for RVs and Motorhomes we have found that there are several application and systems that might work. But we want the best solar rv system for Rving, and maybe a few alternative solar systems for motorhomes which can also be used. Maybe at lower cost or for those who might not require complete solar dependency.

The concerns on Solar systems

I think after all the research I still have a concern as to how the solar system and batteries would hold up after a few days without being able to produce energy at maximum efficiency on those cloudy or less sunny days.

Solar works by generating energy from the sun, converting UV light into energy. That energy is stored in batteries, then converted in order to be used in some appliances.

  • So what happens if you go days without good sunlight?
  • How long will the batteries hold up if you are in a wooded or shaded area?
  • What are the better or best batteries for RVing with Solar
  • What are the best and most efficient solar panels for motorhomes?
  • What is the best way to setup the solar systems on an RV?

Let’s say you decide to take a trip up to Alaska, we all know there is less direct sun up there. What battery system or setup will work best, and how long can they hold up before needing a recharge. I know this depends on your consumption. Problem is most people are not electricians, and a good explanation on the calculations would be great.

I really want to have an extensive guide into what are the best solar panel systems and how to install them for RV and motorhomes in order to be independent from a power source.

Best Solar powered systems for Rving and Motorhomes

So far one of the better solar setups I have found is from Youtuber “Gone Boondocking“. I suggest you subscribe if Rving is something you are interested in doing or currently enjoy living in your motorhome and traveling. I don’t know much about the guy, but I think he is an extremely smart person, and has to be some sort of engineer.

He also has a video on how to run a mini-split system on this motorhome full-time, just of solar power. This is the kind of stuff I want the RV solar system to be able to do, power the entire RV or motorhome just from solar panels.

Gone Boondocking was able to setup a solar system in his motorhome that seems to power his entire RV just from solar power. The AC is an extremely efficient mini-split system which can run all the time (my wife needs AC) just from the batteries. Yes, his solar system is a little pricey, specially those batteries. But maybe there is a less expensive comprehensive solar setup which can be more cost effective.

Another great video of a Solar installation on a Motorhome

The people at http://precisionrv.com install solar systems on motorhomes. They seem to do some awesome work on installing solar panels on motorhomes, and they seem to know how put these systems together.

Look at the video on the right, wow what a setup! Must have been a little pricey, but sure seems like it would work very well for the people who had it installed in their motorhome.

Best Solar Panel Systems and How to install for RV and Motorhomes

If you feel you have a good guide to motorhome solar, or can give some information on how to setup a great solar panel system for motorhomes, please let us know.

We encourage you to write a comprehensive guide/blog and use our Submit a Review page to provide your information and include links to where the solar components can be purchase. We setup a category just for this topic (https://reviewaffi.com/category/solar/rv-solar/)

Here are some of the questions we would like to see answered, and maybe other can suggest other questions in the comments below. (we will update page as needed)

  • What do you feel is the best solar systems for RV and Motorhomes
  • What the best batteries for Solar in an RV
  • Is it better to use Mono or Poly solar panels on RVs
  • A normal person (details) guide to setting this whole Solar panel system on an RV
  • The conversion from the solar panels to the batteries and the converters/inverters in between
  • Wiring the solar system in an RV – how to, what to use; and maybe what each component does and how it does it.

Some Videos about RV Solar

Video by All About RVs

Videos by DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse (a lot of nice RV Solar videos)

Give us your feedback on what is the best way to go Solar on RVs and Motorhomes

After watching tons of Rv videos and reading RV and Solar blogs, i’m still a little confused. Maybe I should have been an electrical engineer… I am sure there are plenty of people who would also like some help with how to setup a solar system on an RV or Motorhome.

We also encourage you to submit links to video or information which can benefit everyone interested in installing a solar system for off-grid RV living.