ReviewAffi is looking for product review writers – content writers – guest post writers. We are a product and service review website which allows you to make an income from affiliate marketing.

Payment for Product Review Content Writers

It’s like a commission job; instead of being paid a one time fee, you can make ongoing residual income depending on the quality of the product review content you write.

You would write product reviews and post them on this website, the content you write can have your affiliate links embed so you can make an income. Depending on the quality of your SEO writing skills is the returns you could see. Therefore if you product review writing skills are very SEO friendly, you will acquire more traffic, and in return generate more income.

Affiliate Marketing for Content Writers

Affiliate marketing is advertising or in this case writing a product review, with the intent to drive traffic to a reseller which will pay you a commission when the visitor makes a purchase. Online store like Amazon can pay up to 10% of the purchase price; if you write a review about laptops and a visitor makes a purchase following your affiliate link, you could make $50-%150 from their purchase. Drive numerous buyers to your link, and the earning could stack up. We wont be removing your product review for years, so the return on your writing time could become much more than if we paid you for your product review writing skills upfront. Good quality content writers could see a significant return over time…

What you get as a Content Writer with ReviewAffi

Each content writer has their own author page which shows only their Blogs or Reviews, with individual RSS feed.

DoFollow backlinks to their page, website, or affiliate marketing link.

All submitted content from reviews and guest post are sent to our social networks and allow for sharing.

Submitted content has no expiration, unless requested to be removed by the author or deemed a violation of privacy policy, terms of service, or guidelines.

Blogs can be:

Content Writers - Guest Post

Best of: Comparing several items in the same class. For example ‘Top 10 Best Phone Accessories for 2019’. And write a blog about that topic. You can embed you affiliate links to those affiliate partner to generate income from that blag.

Daily Deals or Deals of the Day: You can browse, as we do, and post daily deals which have discounts. Again, you can embed your affiliate partner links to generate money. Our backend allows you to set expiration times on those deals so they don’t just sit around.

Product Reviews: These are simple, a review of a particular Product or Service. Many people like affiliate marketing for hosting websites as they generally pay a decent compensation.

Social Marketing of Content

You, as the content creator, will have your own individual author page. One for each, blogs, and reviews. Each one of those pages will have their own individual RSS FEED so you can syndicate your blogs and reviews through social media or other services.

ReviewAffi will also include your new blogs and reviews on our newsletter mail list and social network automatically. Warning, our social networks are updated hourly, so if you create a post and need to revise, make the revision quick as it could be pulled and posted.

The Power of Multiple Content Creators

You might be wondering why you would want to create content and post it on a site that is not owned by you. It’s the power of multiples. As more and more content writers join, create content, and syndicate their work through social networking sites, more traffic will eventually spill over to others.

By the way, we will have a limit as to how many content writer we allow into our service. If you can’t ride the elevator, you are not going to magically appear on the penthouse suite.

Working together, we can all grow and generate residual income from blogs, deals, and product reviews.

Let’s talk about Youtube Content Videos

A great way to increase or even maximize your income from affiliate marketing is by creating Youtube content videos.

Youtube will allow you to create and submit videos with your affiliate marketing links in the description.

Product Review Writers and content writers can use those youtube videos and embed them in the blog or review you create on ReviewAffi to increase exposure, and even revenue from your google adsense account. The more video views your video gets, the more income you generate.

Even if you didn’t create the youtube video, you are allowed to use videos from youtube as long as the video content creator allows sharing or embedding the video.  (Youtube Terms of Service section 6C). you should always give a link back to the youtube content creator as a courtesy. Normally many of them don’t mind you using their video, after all you are generating money for them through their views and google adsense account.

Unique Content

Unique Content

The content created by the product review writer must be unique content. Sorry, but we can’t allow duplicate content as that will penalize the website, and every content creator. If we wanted duplicate content, we would import RSS feeds from outside sources.

Unique content is the only way to maximize SEO, search engine traffic and even increase revenue from marketing campaigns.

We understand many content writers have their own blogs and might want to just copy and paste, but it serves no purpose other than diminish the presence and ranking of both sites which have the same content.

Niche Content Writing

It’s always nice to have a Niche. What is your content writing niche.

Some people like technology, computers or even gadgets. Other like clothing and fashion, or maybe even vacation and getaways.

Whatever your niche might be, we definitely encourage you to write content related to your niche as it will flow ever more smoothly.

If you have special niche or you don’t see a category for your writing niche, then we will can always create a category for your niche so you can write quality content and increase your affiliate marketing revenue.

What we need to see to write Review Content for ReviewAffi

We would like to see product review writers have some experience with:

  • WordPress
  • Writing blogs
  • or even better, product reviews
  • gathering and editing images
  • Youtube

But, we can always help you along the way, give you examples, and even help you create better SEO and Reader friendly articles. We like images, and so do search engines and readers.

Examples of Product Review

Here are some examples of product reviews, obviously we hope you are ALOT better than we are.

As you can tell, we obviously need good quality content writers…

What type of content?

Easy, you choose. You can write about:

  • Computers, Technology, TVs
  • Toys, Parenting, home goods
  • Travel, destinations, methods of travel
  • Fitness, sports, outdoors
  • Health and beauty, makeup, diets
  • Stocks and Financing, Investing
  • Software…

browse our website and see the categories we currently have. We are very open to creating new categories if you have a field in which you can write professional content about.

How to Apply for to be a product review content writer for ReviewAffi

applying to join us and become a product review content writer is easy, just fill out the form below.

What we want to see:

  • Explain your skills and field of expertise
  • Name, Email, Location (where are you)
  • If any previous experience, if you have a website, maybe some social profiles.
  • A Sample of your work. You can choose any category of your choice.

If you can’t get that part right, please just don’t even bother… We are looking for those who understand affiliate marketing and product review writers, content writers who can grow with us.

No Unwanted Soliciting. We are not interested in any other service, other than which was articulated above.

Ready? Use our Submit a Review