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Why Submit a Review on a Product or Service?

There are many reason why people would want to write down and submit a review on a product or service.

1- Wouldn’t you want to know what other thought about the product or service before you made a purchase. Pass it on! Write down and submit your review, how you felt about the purchase. This allows others to know before they buy. Next time you make a purchase, you might be the benefactor of someone else’s review.

No one wants to make a purchase of a bad product or service. We don’t allow for bot reviews, or fake reviews to be posted. Our firewalls, programs, and protection monitoring scans and normally removes all fake content before it is even seen (we try our best, but some might get by).

2- You can make an income from writing reviews. Have you noticed all those reviews on Youtube? The content creators on YouTube create those video reviews in hopes to gain viewers and make some money from the Adsense, but also provide a link in the description of the video where you can purchase the reviewed item(s). Normally that is an affiliate link to a product or service being sold at another webstore. That link is referred to as a affiliate links. The reviewer has an affiliate account with that store, and generates a commission when someone makes a purchase through that affiliate link.

You could do the same on ReviewAffi. Write a review of a product or service and include an affiliate link. We encourage YouTube content creators to include their Video Reviews to increase their views, and exposure to their affiliate links.

3- Reviews help the Consumers and Manufacturers. Some products might come to market and could be improved. When you Submit a review on a product, you are not just helping others who would consider making a purchase, but also the manufacturers to improve their products.

Some people who routinely submit reviews sometimes get contacted by the manufacturers to become product testers. Sometimes even receiving product to test and keep afterwards.

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