This is my review of the Juvale Magnetic Spice Containers, Storage Tins with Transparent Lids. I really wish these would have functioned as intended, unfortunately they didn’t and I had to end up returning.

These magnetic spice containers are sold under several names as well, apparently it’s a product resold on Amazon by several resellers.

Maybe these magnetic storage tins work for others, but they just did not work for us. The magnet on the rear of the tins fall off, the magnet is not strong enough to stay put on the several different metal surfaces we tried. We did not even completely fill the containers, they were less than half full.

These were the Juvale Magnetic Spice Containers we purchased

Magnetic Spice Containers review

magnetic storage tins review

Magnetic spice container review

These Magnetic storage tins do look pretty nice. I would use them without the magnet as seasoning organizers, but that is just not the purpose I bought them for. We bought these Magnetic Spice Containers to stick them on the metal surface of the air vent on our RV.

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